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Child attaches an anatomical orthodontic


We receive your initial NHS referral through an automated online system, or by private arrangement. We write you a letter asking you to contact us to book an initial appointment.

At your initial appointment we carry out a full assessment to determine if any treatment is needed, and if the treatment required is covered by NHS funding or requires private funding.
If treatment is required we then book you a “Records appointment”. At this appointment we carry out any X-rays, photographs, impressions and scans of teeth that may be required.

At your next appointment we will fit your removable orthodontic appliance and provide you with full instructions.
We will then see you for regular reviews of your removable orthodontic appliance - this is where we may make an adjustment of the brace and provide further instructions if needed.
We will normally see you approximately every 10 weeks.
When you finish with your appliance we will take photos, scan your teeth and if needed take impressions for removable retainers.


Removable appliances are specially made by a skilled technician for your mouth. They are delicate and need to be handled with care.


When fitting the appliance into your mouth, you must take care to ensure that the springs are placed in the correct positions. Once you are sure, the appliance can be fully seated.
Be sure to insert the appliance correctly.


Unless otherwise instructed, your removable appliance should be worn at all times. In most cases, eating with the appliance in place is important with regard to treatment success.
When wearing the brace is it very important not to play with it such as clicking it up and down. This can break the brace, and make it loose. This means it will not be working properly!


When removing your brace, always use the clips at the back. This prevents damage to the delicate wires that move your teeth.


If you are playing any contact sports or if you go swimming, it is advisable to remove the brace for the duration of the event only. It must then be replaced. For contact sports, always wear a gum shield once you have removed your appliance


This very much depends on your teeth, however wearing your brace as instructed will ensure your treatment is completed sooner.


Remove your brace after each meal and clean your teeth, then clean your brace under running water with a toothbrush and put it back in your mouth.
Removable braces are delicate. When not being worn they should be kept in a hard plastic container for protection.


After fitting or adjusting the brace, it is likely  you will experience some aches and pains during the first few days because your teeth with start to move. You may take pain relief which you would normally use, provided that there are no medical contradictions


Continue your regular check-ups with your dentist. You will also need to see the orthodontist regularly for adjustments.
It is important that you carefully follow instructions so that your treatment can progress smoothly.
If you break the brace, lose it, or if it causes persistent discomfort, please call us.

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